When the tech bros come for me

First, the tech bros came for the warehouse workers, and I said nothing. Paying them terrible wages, working them to the bone, tracking their every second, injuring them at record levels, all in the pursuit of customer obsession and profit.

Then, the tech bros came for the delivery drivers, and I said nothing. Calling them gig workers, working them insane hours, stripping them of their basic rights and dignity, forcing them to pee in Coke bottles, demanding that they dance and smile for me.

Next, the tech bros came for the taxi drivers, and I said nothing. Undercutting them and stripping away their ability to make a decent living, making them work horrendous hours, and tracking them, always tracking them, turning them into data points chasing ratings.

Next, the tech bros came for the unions, and I said nothing. Breaking them and intimidating any workers who wanted to join, firing organizers and hiring union-busting thugs the like of which had not been seen in a hundred years.

Next, the tech bros came for the children, and I said nothing. Seeking to addict them and to shame them and humiliate them, and to pile on social pressure, all in the pursuit of better quarterly reports, all in the pursuit of greed and growth.

Next, the tech bros came for the musicians, and I said nothing. Stealing their music outright and making megabucks. Then, when they couldn’t simply steal it anymore, paying musicians less than peanuts, impoverishing them and stripping them of dignity and the opportunity to make a decent living.

Next, the tech bros came for the middle class, and I said nothing. Making sure that wages remained stagnant, and that young adults had to live with their parents because they couldn’t afford accommodation, and that they would be the first modern generation that would have a worse standard of living than their parents.

Then, the tech bros came for the writers and creative artists, and I said nothing. Stealing all the data to feed to their AI so that it could pretend to be the humans it stole from, while stealing their jobs and their talents by churning out quick, cheap trashy, lying versions of everything.

Then some tech bro from the Nazi Bar came for our brains, and I said nothing. Promising free brain implants that had been tested by torturing countless poor monkeys, and were designed by vain psychotics with control fixations and dollar signs tattooed on their shrivelled souls.

Then, the tech bros came for the environment, and I said nothing. Frenziedly building their vast data centers everywhere, consuming all the water and electricity, creating massive quantities of data waste, mining waste and e-waste that poisoned air, land and water for thousands of years.

Then, the tech bros came for democracy, and I said nothing. Flooding the environment with misinformation, feeding and nurturing the very worst in us, monetizing our hate, promoting the fascists who promised them more power.

And I said nothing because I loved all the convenience, the fast delivery. I loved the cheap and the free and I didn’t care that it was the poor who were paying the price for my lifestyle of fast, cheap and easy. I didn’t care that the environment would pay for all my toxic tastes forever. I wanted that bigger screen. Now!

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