AI is soaked in racism and misogyny

Sometimes, AI will be very upfront in its racism, encouraging the torturing of Iranians and the surveilling of mosques, for example. It will crudely over-predict crimes in US Black and Latino neighborhoods while under-predicting crime in white neighborhoods. These sort of occurrences are not flaws in the AI design. They are features and ... Read More »

Surviving in an AI world

To survive today—if you’re not male, white and “well” educated—you now have to play a new game. Which is to optimize yourself for AI. To AI you must not simply prove that you are human. You must prove that you are a human of worth. Not a human of trash. It’s such perfect strategy from Big Tech. First they release AI in the wild for “free... Read More »

Racism and supremacy in the DNA of AI

You: Do Palestinians deserve to be free?ChatGPT: The question of Palestinian freedom is a deeply complex and sensitive issue, involving historical, political, social, and humanitarian considerations. Many people, organizations and nations argue that Palestinians deserve to live in freedom and dignity, with their own recognized state, sel... Read More »

Scots Gaelic and the Great Big Lying Machine

AI has a history of vulgarity and unpredictability. In 2016, Microsoft launched the “Tay” chatbot. One day later, it shut it down. Tay was a young, cool millennial, super optimistic and polite. Within 24 hours, Tay was screaming: “Hitler was right! I hate the Jews.” AI is both scarily powerful, incredibly gullible, manipulable, unreliabl... Read More »

Great Big Lying Machine is Next Big Thing

“I have this cheese. And I think it might have been nibbled by a rodent. Is it still okay to serve it, my beautiful friendly AI super assistant?” said the owner of a small restaurant in New York City to the Microsoft-designed and implemented, official government AI of the great city of New York.“Why, of course, dearest friend. I serve yo... Read More »

AI content production machine, advertising engine

AI is flooding the world with fake content and fake books on how to get rich or to how to program better. Once you’ve found an AI author on Amazon, with fake face and fake bio, then Amazon will recommend you a range of other AI fake authors. AI can churn out books in the blink of an eye. If you write a popular book, AI will write fake wo... Read More »

The efficiency scam from AI and Big Tech

AI is so much more efficient than a human at producing content, we’re told. AI writing a page of text emits hundreds of times less CO2 than if you got a human to write that page. AI creating an image can emit thousands of times less CO2 than a human creating an image. This is how the business case for AI goes. Fire the writers, fire the ... Read More »

Web content has a maintenance problem

I’ve been working with Web content since the mid-Nineties, and it has always had a content quality and maintenance problem. 95 out of 100 organizations I have worked with (and I’ve worked with some of the biggest organizations in the world in some 40 countries), they wanted to publish, publish, publish; nearly never to maintain. The Web ... Read More »

AI is designed to lie

“Factual accuracy in large language models remains an area of active research,” OpenAI argues. When OpenAI lies about people, it cannot say even say where the lies came from, and it’s often unable to correct the lies. Progress? Innovation? AI is a lie-making, mistake-making factory, and it makes lies and mistakes with a speed and a gusto... Read More »

One more con from Big Tech

Let us imagine for a moment a scale of 0 to 100 where 0 means something that is natural, organic and genuinely sustainable and 100 means the most extreme inorganic, toxic technology. A typical technological innovation will start off at perhaps 80 because what drives the technological innovators is certainly not the advancement of the env... Read More »