The red hot heat of AI

The sheer heat of AI. Billions of parameters whirling through billions of words to process with white-hot speed. Big Tech maximizes revenue and power through maximizing heat, maximizing material use, maximizing waste production. Software and hardware are eating the world and crapping mining waste, energy waste, data waste and e-waste. AI... Read More »

AI: Fed on water, energy, hype, stolen and crap data

AI was born with original sin—the sin of stealing other people’s data. To replace artists, writers, programmers, support professionals, and other content professionals, AI must become an apprentice to these professionals. It must learn from them. “It would be impossible to train today’s leading AI models without using copyrighted materia... Read More »

AI is not your friend

AI hides advertising. It’s not advertising if it’s your friend, right? Your AI buddy. Who is always there to listen, day or night. The one you confide in. The only one who listens as you pour out your insecurities. The one you bring everywhere. Who answers all your questions. Who’s so confident and friendly. That AI is a predator. That A... Read More »

Killer app of AI is advertising

The impact of Big Tech’s planned obsolescence model on the environment is devastating. However, for Big Tech, the more materials it uses to create new products, the more money it makes. The more waste Big Tech produces, the more money it makes. The less reusable and repairable and recyclable Big Tech makes its products, the more money it... Read More »

Big Tech hates quality

Quality has long been the enemy of Big Tech. The more quality a product has, the longer it will last, and thus the less money Big Tech will make. Sure, there is the service and repair opportunity. That’s not a bad business. It is not, though, the type of business that Big Tech has grown supersized on. Big Tech has mastered the branding o... Read More »

Big Tech’s great men

The Great Men are forever chasing energy and materials. At whatever period in history, we find them striding the earth, seeking out energy and the most precious materials. All to make themselves large, throbbing, energetic, eternal. They dig and they build and they wrap themselves in layers and layers of energy and materials. They believ... Read More »

Getting rid of crap data

Most of the data that exists shouldn’t. It’s crap. In practically every data environment I have worked in over almost 30 years, you can easily delete 90% of the data and make everything work much better. We store all this crap data because it costs less to store it than it costs to think about how to clean it up. We also store it because... Read More »

Communist networks are better for environment

“What’s intrinsic about the 5G network is that it’s designed for one-to-one communication,” network expert Ben Schwarz explains. “On the kind of influences were seeing on young people—not always young people—it’s done on a very individual, targeted basis. And 5G supports that kind of streaming, where the server creates a specific stream ... Read More »

Designing waste out of networks

"Most people have a Wi-Fi router in their home," network expert Ben Schwarz explains to me. “The latest generation Wi-Fi router will typically consume about 15 watts per hour of use. The difference between when the Wi-Fi network is empty and when it is completely full is around 10%. If it requires 14 watts of power ticking along with not... Read More »

The magically efficient oven

A friend of mine bought a new oven that he says is the most efficient of all the ovens he’s ever tested. (He’s big into this sort of stuff.) He says that this oven is so special that it doesn’t matter how much you cook in it, it’s still the same basic cost. The more you cook, the better, basically. So I went around to have a look. The ... Read More »