Is it worth it?

We must regain our sense of true worth. We must break our addiction to the brands that slyly tell us that, whatever the cost to the Earth, we’re worth it, to just do it. We must ask far more now: Is it worth it? We must learn to wait, to be patient, so that we can consume less and enjoy more. We must regain our sense of true value. The... Read More »

Ethical, fair working conditions

Systems that exploit Nature also exploit humans. “Plantation agriculture rapidly exhausted the soil,” Jamelle Bouie writes in the New York Times about the slavers of the US South. For most of my career I have been a tech evangelist. I have given countless presentations about the wonderful designs and user experiences of Google and Amaz... Read More »

How much CO2 does creating a 1,000-word piece of content cause?

If you want to understand and measure—and ultimately reduce—digital waste then you must start with the digital devices, because it is in the manufacture and disposal of digital devices where 80% or more of the CO2 and other waste occurs. Next, you need to understand the data. How it is created. How it is stored and transferred. How it is... Read More »

Technology is destroying Nature

The history of modern humanity is the history of separation from Nature. Many of our modern philosophies and religions have made Nature subservient, the human superior. Nature, we are told, is there to serve us. We are destroying Nature. Our destruction of Nature essentially begins with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the T... Read More »

The elements of Earth experience

In analyzing the Top Tasks vote, there emerged three major areas that we need to focus on if we are to achieve a great Earth experience: Wisdom Worth Waste WisdomWisdom is about truth, Nature and human experience. In an age flooded by misinformation and fake news, it has never been more important to champion truth. The tasks that g... Read More »

Earth Experience Design survey results overview

According to 550 digital designers, developers and content professionals, sustainable digital design is about shifting from short-term thinking selling superficial wants to long-term thinking solving deep needs. Their top tasks are: Solve deep needs, not superficial wants Promote long-term thinking: 10 years, 20 years, 50 years Make t... Read More »

Bicycle thinking: car lobby goes to war on bicycles

If there’s one thing modern technology is all about, it’s speed. We humans were not designed for this world of speed. 20 mph limits reduce emissions by 25% and reduce casualties by 20-30%, according to A Danish study concluded that traffic noise is likely responsible for about 11% of all annual dementia diagnoses. Cyclin... Read More »

Bicycle thinking: finding a balance between technology and life

To cycle one kilometer consumes less energy and creates less waste than walking that same kilometer. A bicycle helps get us from A to B while putting the least stress possible on the environment. It is, in the truest sense, energy efficient and waste minimizing. It has the added benefit that it improves human health. For older people, it... Read More »

More than 1,000 substances go into one smartphone

“There are more than 1,000 substances that go into one smartphone,” Katie Singer states. “Each of those has its energy-intense, toxic-waste-emitting supply chain. It’s an international supply chain.” Coltan is one of the 1,000 substances. “Coltan is mined mostly in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Katie explains. “It’s actually a com... Read More »