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Print is view, Web is do

August 3, 2014 -- Gerry McGovern

How much of your organization’s online world is made up of dead zones and how much is do zones? A dead zone is any space where there’s nothing to do. It’s a big pretty picture, or a huge graphic-heavy masthead, or a long-winded explanation of what you do or what the customer can do. The customer doesn’t want an explanation of what they can do. They just want to do.

From Intranet to Net-Work: the rise of the digital bridge builder

July 20, 2014 -- Gerry McGovern

As an intranet professional, your career is about collaboration. Of systems and processes, not just people. The Web is a network and those who thrive on the Web network, connect and collaborate. It’s the same with the intra-net, where the lines are increasingly blurred between what is ‘internal’ and what is ‘external’.

It’s about branding (how traditional branding is killing the Web)

May 11, 2014 -- Gerry McGovern

Of course, everything you are now about to read is fictional. Most real customers couldn’t be bothered writing to organizations to vent their annoyance. They just leave.
Customer: Hello, I visited your site interested in getting a price for your product. Couldn’t find any pricing info. Instead, there were these huge images that took ages to load.

Revenge of the brochureware billboard designers

May 4, 2014 -- Gerry McGovern

Organizations can’t resist broadcasting when customers just want to get something done.
This was a website that was “blowing the doors off” web design, I was told. Oh yeah? I bet you it’s also innovative and cutting-edge with awesome branding. I have learned over the years that whenever I hear these sort of fantastic phrases, it can only mean one thing.


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